Shaded Silver kitten with beautiful eye color, eye liner. nose liner and lip liner.

Beautiful big eyes with high full doming on the top head

Short cobby bodies with long flowing fluffy coats 

Videos of some of our past kittens

We are very proud of our National 2 BW Best of Breed Winners, 19 GRC Grand Champions, 27 CH Champions, 13 RW Regional Winners, 1 Tica Double Grand Champion, 1 DW, 1 Grand Premier. Many times Best in Show!


Breeding CFA Top Show Shaded Silver kittens and Chinchilla kittens for 30 years!  Just                                         A few of our Adorable cats and kittens 

                                           Call or Email us for available kittens. 

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           Some of our beautiful past kittens

Chinchilla Persians and Shaded Silver Persians

        All our kittens are registered in 

    The Cat Fanciers Association CFA

Available kittens 2019 kittens have arrived. CFA registered, 110% health and personality guaranteed. Our kittens are known to be the best when it comes to personality, raised and handle by children, Each kitten is very special to us which makes the adoption process one of  ease with minimal to no stress. We work very closely with our Veterinarian to assure that each kitten is in the greatest of health. No need to spend extra money on Veterinary bills from adopting a sick kitty.  FYI you should Google each breeders name and cattery name BEFORE you purchase off the internet.

Our Family

Our World

With a wide range of knowledge that comes with 30 years of breeding and showing our beloved chinchilla persians and Shaded Silver Persians I guarantee every need and requirement will be met. I have the know-how and expertise on breeding, showing and grooming. If you'll be needing your new  chinchilla kitten or Shaded Silver Kitten shipped I will guarantee to make all arrangements on health certificates and transportation to the airport so that your experience will be enjoyable and satisfactory. I love to hear from our clients, so feel free to contact me with your feedback.


Thank you for stopping by and visiting our website, if you have any further questions about our beautiful Chinchilla kittens or Shaded Silver Kittens available kittens please feel free to email, call or text me

1-408-642-7187  I look forward to hearing from you. Home of  CFA registered Chinchilla Persians and Shaded Silver Persians 



Ultamint Silver